Nov 17, 2011

Why we should use iPads instead of laptops

Some people would say that iPads should be banned but I am here to tell you that iPads should stay.

Here are some reasons why iPads should stay. First it is easy to download apps because all you have to do is go to the app store on the iPad and type what you want on the iPad screen.

Next iPads are easy to carry around because They are light, small, they have there own bag and have covers. Also you can just flick to the app or page you want but on the laptop you have to keep clicking and clicking and clicking.

Now comes to my final reason iPads have a cloth to wipe off the sticky fingerprints on the iPad also a laptop would have a germs all over the keyboard who knows what  a year 1 has been touching

So in conclusion I say that laptops should be banned in primary school!!

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