Sep 27, 2011

Tia's Home Learning - Netball

Tia competed in Netball for the Winter season.  She then presented all that she knew about Netball in her Home Learning book.  Here's just a few of the pages she shared!  Great work Tia!

Click on the pictures to see them bigger!

Sep 26, 2011

Kiwi Cricket Photos

Sep 19, 2011

Emily Carr Trees

Sep 13, 2011

Kieran's Drumming Movie

Sep 4, 2011

Used chewing gum

Used chewing gum:

blue tack
chew it again
put it in the bin
fake undercover poo
fake tooth
put it in the fruit bowl
give it to bickole bonck
eye liner
a beard
fake eye lashes
use it as a nose blocker
cup cake icing
a book mark
a botil cap opener
a botil cap
use it as a plaster
a cover for a ipod
a nows canslor
some sunglasses
a hair stratiner
streech it
make it into a pes of art
use it as a hand ball
use it a a cricket ball
a heed band
use it as a dice
slime ball
make a coletson
fake leaf
fake sugger cude
fake tooth pick
fake money
a fake bead
a fake bogger
some fake earwax
fake lip stick
a toe wormer
a ear blocker
a  fake hart
plantons chair
fake eye ball
play hop scots with it
a getar picks
a bock
a very litle hat
a paper clip
fake sand
fake rice
a fake stain
fake madndick
a fake bean
a fake pin
fake peg
little box
a fake wheel
little barf tub
little shower
mine tv
a progeter screen
a fake charger
a fake brarnch
a fake bogers
a minecher brain
a fake  magazin
a fake pillow
a fake roller
a fake alarm
a fake fire alarm
a fake glass lends
a mine fake soder moshen
fake ice
a fake frige
a mine fake frig
a mine fake light bolb
light spick
a fake ipod
fake ipod touch
fake iphone
a fake apple
a fake manderin
some fake pop corn
fake vomet
fake cheece
a fake mouse
a fake rat
a fake rat house
a fake mouse house
fake valcro
a fake juice lid
a fake sticker
a fakecamru
a fake pen
a fake stickey
fake mite
a fake bone
a fake gogo
a fake rubbish bin
a fake ballon
a fake stamp
a fake window wiper
some fake rain
a fake book
a fake colering pensil
a fake bottle
a fake clau
a fake playdow
a fake vialin
a fake sharper
fake spit
a fake tnsil
a fake egg
some fake blood
a fake fish
a fake eel
a fake head
some fake dead fons
a fake log
a fake tree
a fake astorod
some fake rids
a fake stomick
a fake bollon
a fake head band
a fake rudder bond
a fake twig
a fake numbers
some fake dort
a fake usb stick
some fake teeth
a fake glue stick
a fake cindama
a fake fork
a fake spon
a fake cheece
a fake nife
fake cachup
a fake patty
a fake albowtros
a fake spachalera
a fake ice block
a fake hat
a fake mud cake
a fake watch
fake tic take
a fake catterpiller
a fake sun
a fake ice cream cone
a fake plane
a fake snake
a fake hand
a fake movie case
a fake eagle
a fake newspaper
a fake diary
a fake name tage
a fake book
a fake card
a fake hot dog
a fake conter
a fake board game
a fake star
some fake pebbes
a fake wood
a fake wing
a fake plane
a fake chain
a fake pot
some fake popcorn
a fake crumb
a fake ipod shuffle
a fake jug
a fake cup
a fake foot
a fake key chain
a fake nose
a fake digital watch
a fake star
a fake line
a fake flag
a fake mini bicycle
a fake plug.  
a real gum
a fake boat.
a fake keyboard
a fake cord
a fake pish cleana
a fake newspaper
a fake angry bird toy
a fake bubble gum wax strip
a fake paper clip
a fake house

The Snow

Wednesday 24/08/2011:  Early in the morning at 5:30 o clock I woke up and knew we were off to the icy snow.  We heaved the bags into the car.  While Dad was doing that I went to get my stuff.  Then we said our prayers and were on our way on a 4 hour long drive (to be honest the drive was boring) but when I saw the mountain I got  hyper.

Part 2 - At the snow
When we were driving up the mountain the road was really windy (I felt sick). At the top Dad went to get the toboggans. While he was doing that I had a top secret mission to complete “destroy” Mum in a snowball fight. When Dad came back he had the toboggans.  We grabbed them and went down the mountain.  We all had so much fun and were so tired.  We had dinner and went to bed.

Part 3 - Skiing
Tuesday 25/08/2011:  In the morning we had a HUGE breakfast then got changed and ready to go.  When we got to the top we went to get our skis (it was an hour before we got skiing).  It felt so wonderful to have the wind in my face. I felt so amazed when I stared skiing that I remembered how to.  It was so cool to go so fast. It was great to learn new tricks.  It was so cool to be on the skis.  It was good to go backwards.  It was great to go off a tiny ramp which I discovered.  I was proud to be on skis.  At lunch we went into the café and got a hot chocolate and a pie then got skiing again.

Part 4 – The Last Day
Again we had a BIG breakfast got changed we went up the mountain got our gear and we were out of there and  skiing in no time (I skied for 3hours) until lunch but I only had a hot chocolate because I wanted to get most of my skiing done (I skied for another 4 hours).  At the end of the day we headed home.

The End

Sep 3, 2011

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