Feb 28, 2011

2 Minutes Silence For Christchurch

Today at 12.51pm people all across New Zealand stood in silence to remember those in the Christchurch earthquake. 12.51pm on Tuesday was chosen because it was the exact time the earthquake hit Christchurch last week.

At Summerland a bell went to remind us that it was 12.51pm. We stood in our place no matter where we were in the school. The teachers came out into the playground to support us too.

Here is a video that shows other places around New Zealand during the 2 minutes of silence today:

Piha Writer of the Week: Alfie

Well done Alfie on his awesome recount of our rugby taster session. Alfie was learning to introduce his story in an interesting way using speech to hook his audience in. Check out Alfie with the Piha whiteboard and his piece of writing!

Here is Alfie's story that is on the Piha whiteboard:

“Ok time to go to the rugby taster” called Miss Signal as we were walking into the line.
I was excited. The person that that taught us was named Scott. He got us into teams. Then it rained so we went to the hall. We played buddy tag. But we didn’t get enough time so Scott said since you guys didn’t get enough time you can come at lunch time. So it was lunch time. Only Reece, Seb, Bradley and I went. We did an obstacle course. We had to step through a ladder then go around a pole and back. It was cool.

So come along to Piha and check out Alfie's story!

Feb 27, 2011

Interesting Soccer Introductions!

We went to a soccer skills session today and we are going to write a recount about our experience.  We have been learning about starting our recounts in an interesting way!

Here are some interesting ways we might start our recount:

  • Splish, splash as we walked down the wet path to the hall on a rainy day.
  • BAM! 5 balls got handed out and they went crazy!
  • "Hooray! Let's go to the hall to do some soccer skills" yelled the students.
  • Tap, tap, tap went our shoes against the soccer balls.
  • "Quickly, let's go to soccer skills" yelled Samiha.
  • Kick! went the soccer ball all over the place.
  • Ka blam! I just kicked a soccer ball and it went straight through the room.
  • Zooom! 5 soccer balls skimmed across the hall.
  • Bam! went our hands on the soccer ball.
  • Slip... my bottom went off the soccer ball.

Feb 24, 2011

Thank You!

Thank you to all the amazing parents who were able to attend tonight's meeting. It was great to have you along to find out about all the things happening in Room 8.

Please remember to have a go at leaving a comment for a student in Room 8 - they will be very excited to see comments from their families!

I look forward to talking with you all again and if there is anything you need please be in touch!

Have a great weekend!
Miss Signal

Feb 15, 2011

SunEui's A SuperStar!!!

Hi! My name is SunEui!
I am gonna tell things about myself!

I will tell you "My Favourite Colours!"
I have heaps of favourite colour! I will tell you all of them...
-Brown (Dark)
And now I will tell you "The Stuffs I Love To Do!"
I love doing lots of stuffs too!
And those stuffs are...

-Art(Any type of art)
-Doing Tests if challenging(Because I want to learn)
-Going to friends house or coming to my house
-Maths(Still need more practice)
-Playing P.E
-Playing on computers(Or Laptop)
-Playing with the chains(Math Games)
-Playing with dogs or puppies
-Working on the Computer(Or Laptop)
And lots more...(Because there is too many!!!)

Now... I am going to tell you "The Things That I Don't Like."
Well, I don't have many because I have most things that I like more!~

-I hate peoples bugging me
-I hate my brother pinching me, hitting me, punching me, kicking me, shouting at me, snatching things from me, pushing me and teasing me!!!

And I think thats all...

Okay! Lets move on!

Now I am going to tell you "The Best Thing About Me!"
The Best Things about me is...

-Reading is my favourite activity in the whole entire world!!!
-I also LOVE Maths even if it is challenging I have to try my best!!!
-My Spelling may be amazing or fantastic, but I need more spelling practice but, thats the best thing I can do!!!
-Well I am fast at running, I can beat my brother but I am not saying "He Is Slow!" I bet once Michael in the Cross Country! I felt AMAZED!!! (But I was Puffed!)

I think thats all the things I can think of!

Okay, Moving on...

Now, now, now!
I am going to tell you the things I want to achieve in 2011!

I want to achieve...
-My maths strategies are too numb! I feel like I want to practice more to beat Michael and Sophie!!! Because I want REVENGE!!! (I also want to beat Eliza too!) REVENGE!!!
-I also want to achieve on my spelling too!
-Achieving games like Octopus, and games like that!

Thats All For Now Folks!!!

Extraorinary Extreme Eliza

my name is Eliza, and there are lots of things you got to know about me.
I have 3 favourite colours they are Black,Purple and magenta. I LOVE explosions,reading, any kind of art,TV,computer,cooking,climbing,running,maths,riding scooters and going to school.
I don't like people punching me,hitting me,scratching me,kicking me,teasing me,pushing me,ignoring me,snatching from me,annoying me,being left out,getting yelled at and I really HATE "Buzz the cat" head butting me.The best thing about me is that I try to use the Summerland values every single day and I am really nice and help whenever I can. My goal for 2011 is to get up at least 1 stage in maths and to get better at my math strategies. I hope you enjoyed reading this.
By Eliza.

Spectacular Sporty Sophie

Hello my name is Sophie my favourite colour  is  Aquamarine  like the colour of the sea. I like  black, white, blue, green, purple,orange, magenta,  gold and ruby. I love to do maths, netball, Science,  tv,  computer, playstation and art. I do not like Reading, writing,  spelling but the thing I really hate is when people boss me around and are annoying me . The best thing about me is that I can run fast and do math well. I want to improve my art and handwriting because in handwriting some times I make my letters  the wrong size. I would  like to show the Summerland values  like team, success, integrity, fun  and respect in my class room in my work my  school like helping people out . I want to be excellent at especially my home. I want to improve my reading  writing and spelling even thought  I do not like them that much I still want to improve.              

By Sophie

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle

Feb 13, 2011

Home Learning: Maceo

One of our Home Learning tasks is to create a craft that floats!
This morning Maceo arrived with his craft ready to test it out for the day. So we filled up the container and tested it out. It worked! So, we added even more water to the container and left it for the whole day. Maceo's water craft passed the test - well done Maceo!

Home Learning: Bradley

Today Bradley arrived at school with a container of biscuit ice-blocks! Strange, but true! They were biscuits that were shaped like ice-blocks and were even on a stick. We all got to have one of the biscuit ice-blocks. Looking at the happy faces of Electric 8 I would say that they were very happy with Bradley's cooking!

Feb 12, 2011

Pattern Peg Boards

By Sun Eui and Tia

By Joaquin & Min
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