Mar 30, 2011

Mis Signal is a fairy on here birthday

On Mis signal's birthday's she gets a some dust and a balloon. Now she is really looking like a fairy and their is lots more to came. Then at the end of the day the whole was filled with sparkles and Mis Signal had  30 BALLOONS, and they were all in the class room.

Mar 28, 2011

Michael's tag of war.

Step step step went our feet as we were walking to tag of war. To make it fair I will choose some teams ,12...21...12... done! Ok pick up the rope,1...2...3...pull,"Heave" I called out to my team,and surprisingly we pulled even harder but we lost. "OH" I sighed. Ok let's go again. 1...2...3...pull. I dug my feet into the ground like drills were on my feet try to get to the earths core, "Yeah we won" I screamed. Kieran and Tia were dancing in the background! In the third game team 2 fell down like guns are fired and we were all killed. Miss Signal yelled "2 lines" and we were walking back to class.

P.S I love tag of war


maths tag!!!!!

"Awesome"  I thought as we where going to maths tag it's my favorite maths game. 9+6 the teacher the yelled.I put my hand up into the air waiting for the teacher to pick me.It was time to stop playing the game........,.....To be continued.

Mar 20, 2011

super yu-gi-oh

 Here are some cartoon characters in yu-gi-oh cards. This is Michael's favourite way to wast time.If it is sponge bob square pants I can go nuts. You can buy them in in 2 Dollar shops and toy stores like k-mart. Atk means attack and Def means deafens. If they have a gold or silver stickers on the right hand bottom corner it mite or it mite not. Look at that cheesy grin an Mr Crabs face. The stars on the top are the level of the guy. 12 stars are  the highest level on yu-gi-oh you can get. The Dark Master Exodia is the strongest card in the world, if you have this card you can win lots of yu-gi-oh games. Magic mirror can destroy every card in the world. YOU can be a master  if you get the whole collection. I have got the whole set  and you can get it to. There is 10,000,000 Dark Masters in the whole world. White cards are the rare cards.


Seb, Alfie & Sophie teach Electric 8!

As part of PINS day Seb, Sophie and Alfie took part in the Modifying Games session where they took the game of 'Octopus' and made it into a super version. On Friday they taught Electric 8 their new version of 'Octopus' which Electric 8 loved! At the end of the game we showed our hands to share what we thought of the game... 10 fingers meant that we thought the game was AMAZING!

We can't wait to learn the other games by Tarun & Joaquin from the same PINS session!

Mar 14, 2011

Japan sunami


Mar 10, 2011

sophies video

Mar 9, 2011

Christurch earthquake

Bang! Crash! buildings in Christurch collapsed as the earthquake struck it flooded the whole town. The earthquake in Christurch was horrible more horrible than the last one this one is more worse than the other one because this one crashed into some pipes and flooded the whole town, everything was in water.

Mar 8, 2011

Looking for a pedometer

Captain Underpants

Kieran and logan are making a comic book on captain underpants. Kieran's  title is Captain Underpants and the bubble monster. Logan's is Captian Underpants and the farting bubble bot. Kieran's is about Captain Underpants defeeting the bubble monster. Logan's is about Captain Underpants deefeeting the farting bubble bot.

                                                        Michael, Logan and Kieran

scaterball frenzy

Mar 7, 2011

My Pup Luna!

It is me SunEui!
Today I am gonna tell you about my little pup Luna!
She is a Long Hair Chihuahua!

She is...
A Female
-You will know that she is because, I am calling her a she!

She looks like...        (By the way... you will see a photo of her in the corner, but I will describe her for you!)

She has Gold light Fur
A little bit of black on the ear...
Black, Dark, Shiny, Adorable eyes, or maybe dark brown???

I think that is all...

Now I will tell you...
The things that she doesn't likes...

Well she hates our hairdryer... because when she finishes her bath, it makes loud noises around her so she is scared of it...
And I didn't figured much about her... so... I will tell you some more later maybe, and I will add them all in!

She is a lovely, adorable pup!
We bought her on Monday after school... Summerland Primary School!
(Summerland Primary School is AMAZING!!! There is SIX hundred children but MORE)
(Ok! Back to Luna the Pup!)

Where you find the Puppies are...

64 Eskdale Road (It's the Address!)
-It takes a long time to go to!
(Maybe they are all sold?!)

I felt very excited when I was going I was like going to have a... BOOM!!! Like my head blowing off!!!
I think that's all I could tell you well... Thanks



Reece First Recount

Mar 6, 2011


Rugby taster

scattarball frenzy

Black and red day.

The scatterball game

Logan's Jelly Cars

"Oh wow!" and "Amazing!" were just a few of the comments I heard today as Logan showed his fabulous Jelly Cars to Electric 8. As part of a Home Learning task Logan created Jelly Cars made from wafers, icing, smarties and Jelly Tots. He stood up and explained how he made them to the class before he gave one to the students to eat. Electric 8 were very impressed! Thanks Logan!

Mar 5, 2011

johns vidio

Mar 3, 2011

Miss signal lost her keys

Rugby taster




Yummy Peanut Brownies and Shortbread


Emilys Birthday

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