Jul 14, 2011

Chelsea's Player of the Day Award

Well done Chelsea.
We are all very proud of you!

Jul 11, 2011

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Jul 4, 2011

How Popcorn Pops!!!

Are you wondering how popcorn pops?

Well the popcorn kernel has a little drop of water and when you put it in the pan that little drop of water evaports into steam. Then the steam starts to push on the kernel and when the kernel can't hold it any longer it Pops!!!  Now I know how popcorn pops!!!

How a Kernel Turns Into Popcorn!?? By Fiona

The water inside the Kernel heats up!! The water inside the Kernel turns into steam.The steam pushes the Kernel from the inside.The Kernel pops open and the steam come out!! Popcorn is MADE!!

Now when you see a Kernel you will know how it turns into Popcorn.

How Popcorn forms!

Have you ever wondered how Popcorn forms.well heres how.

First popcorn absorbs heat until it reaches 100 degrees.Then when the liquid inside the kernel turns to steam the steam pushes the of the kernel. when the kernel cracks then the starch comes out and thats how a Popcorn formed.

Now when people ask you how popcorn formed you will know what to say.

Why Does Popcorn Pops!

Have you ever wondered how popcorn pops

The kernels are heats up the water inside and it turns into steam.Then the starch pushes out and it pops into a yummy treat

Wow! Now i know how popcorn pops.

The Science Behind Popcorn

why popcorn pops.

First it starts with a kernel.Next you heat the kernel.the kernel has water inside of it.When the water heats up then it turns into steam.The steam pushes the kernel and then it pops!!! there that's the science behind popcorn.

I think popcorn is a fun science thing and I want to do it again.

How popcorn pops!!

Have you ever wondered how popcorn pops? Well the kernel has some water inside,which is liquid. When you put it inside the popcorn maker or the microwave and start it,the water turns into steam and the steam pushes the kernel until POP! the kernel turns into popcorn. Now when you eat popcorn,you will know how it is made.


How popcorn forms.

1 popcorn is stuck in a shell.
2 When it's in the pot the heat pushers one
layer off.
3 The kernel gets bigger and bigger the... pop!
4 Sometimes popcorn can burn.
5 Then you get to eat it Yum! Yum! Yum!

now I know how popcorn pops.
By Tia.

Fiona's Telescopic Text

Jul 3, 2011

New Cover

Working on Writing: Telescopic Text

This week we are using Telescopic Text again during Working on Writing.  Now we can log in to save and share our work though! Yah!

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