Nov 7, 2011

We Should have Ipads Not Laptops

I’m going to tell why Summerland Primary School needs iPads and not laptops. In my opinion we can learn about the new technology and we can learn on new technology. So I’m going to tell you about why iPads should be used more then laptops. Why are iPads are better than laptops? I will explain!

iPads are better than laptops because you can buy free apps to help you in your hour of need. So, like when want to read a book you can download ‘Wattpad’ or ‘Comics4kids’ or some kind of book app.  Or if you want to do Maths you would download maths games or if you wanted to do Spelling you would download spelling games or any other kind of app you want to use.

iPads have covers that protect the screen to help keep the dust off.  Laptops do not have covers. iPads have small cloths that you can use to wipe off smudges and fingerprints.

iPads are less expensive and are faster than laptops. iPads cost one thousand dollars and laptops cost three thousand dollars (including the software), therefore iPads are cheaper than laptops.

In conclusion I believe that Summerland Primary School should have iPads not laptops.   

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Anonymous said...

Wow Tarun. I'm impressed. Ravi mama

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