Nov 9, 2011

Ipads should stay and laptops gone

I say that laptops should go because laptops cost more than Ipads. Ipads cost about 1,000 and laptops cost about 3,000. You can get 3 Ipads for the prize of 1 laptops. If we do that the school saves money. If we save money we can get the tiger torf we want.

secenlee Ipads can do more because on laptops you click and drag and on Ipads you tap.  On laptops you can onlee sorech the wed and Ipads you can serch the wed and play learning apps.

finaly on the Ipad lots of apps are free and gast going back to the money thing it saves money and lots of the free apps are learning apps. spelling haves the most and maths and prite mach all the sub gecks.

in conclsen I say that Ipads stay in primerly school and laptop not.

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