Electric Enclosures!

Auckland Zoo would like to update the Zoo enclosures for their animals.  They have asked Electric 8 to come on board to help design the new enclosures for their animals.

Here is the outline:

  • You need to choose 1 animal
  • Research information you think you will need about your chosen animal so that you can design the best enclosure for your animal. You might like to use these headings to help you:
    Ingestion (how it eats)
    Nutrition (what it eats)

  • Design and plan the Zoo enclosure for your animal
  • Create a model of your enclosure via your chosen method e.g. Cardboard model, google sketch up etc

Your model needs to be completed by Wednesday 1st June.

You need to keep track of where you are at in the process by tracking your progress on the class wall.

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