Nov 7, 2011

we should have ipads

I think we should have iPads because we can use interesting apps that will help us learn about  Maths, Reading and Spelling using iPads.  We could create a story with animation, recording your voice and listen to it when you have finish because then you will know if you like it or don’t like it.

When you are doing Listen to Reading you can listen to lots of stories on an iPad page that has listen to reading books. Read to Self is like reading a book but on an ipad.  You can use a finger to keep the pace or the app shows you the word when it reads to you.  This is why iPads are better than laptops - I will explain more along the way!      

For iPads you can swipe on the screen. Then you can see what’s on the page and you can do Spelling, Maths and you can save lots of pages of different apps. For Maths you can use your head or a calculator on the iPad.
For Reading to Self you can go on a file called Books then you find a book, click on it then you get to read it!  If you have permission on words also work on writing.  When you do Spelling on the Whiteboard app you get your spelling book and look at your words and spell the words with a buddy.  It’s a really good app for your spelling!

And that’s why we should have iPads instead of laptops.

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