Nov 17, 2011

Sun Eui wants a Horse!

Mum, have you ever wished you were NEVER late for school or anything like that? Well not anymore! Unless you buy me a horse! And you don’t have to drive me to school anymore!

Horses can ride you to school when you are about to be late so you are never late again, because horses are very fast! And if you keep training it you can be a famous horse rider!

It can help you picks apples but train it before it picks the apples otherwise it will EAT the apples... it can also mow the grass but make sure it doesn’t mow too much otherwise there is gonna be a hole in your garden...

There is SO much more like... it can be a alarm clock by going “NEIGH!~” or it can sense fear to be aware of and play tag while riding it so no-one will ever EVER tag you! Like in a human race! I know it’s cheating... but it would be AWESOME!!!~

Now mom... he he... have you changed your smart big mind? Hope you say yes... and don’t say “NO!” just because of Luna and Leo!

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