Mar 20, 2011

Seb, Alfie & Sophie teach Electric 8!

As part of PINS day Seb, Sophie and Alfie took part in the Modifying Games session where they took the game of 'Octopus' and made it into a super version. On Friday they taught Electric 8 their new version of 'Octopus' which Electric 8 loved! At the end of the game we showed our hands to share what we thought of the game... 10 fingers meant that we thought the game was AMAZING!

We can't wait to learn the other games by Tarun & Joaquin from the same PINS session!


Room8 said...

amazing photo

Room8 said...

cool photo I can see how you love by the numder ten in all your hands

SPS Superstars said...

Way to go Seb, Alfie and Sophie! Sounds like you created a great game and were fabulous teachers.

Miss Ozich said...

Wicked stuff guys! Can't wait to have a go when I come for a visit :)

SunEui said...

I'd like being a Tagger very much!
That game was also fun!
(P.S. It seems like everyone liked the game too!)
Can we do that again Alife, Seb, and Sophie???

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