Nov 24, 2011

Why I should have a horse for a pet

Here are all the reasons why I should have horse for a pet.

Firstly, the horse can give us free fertiliser.Then we don’t  have to go to buy fertiliser from Mitre Ten somewhere else like that.Horse fertiliser is better than normal fertiliser for your garden so your plants will grow better.What do you want free fertiliser  or fertiliser that you have to pay for?

Secondly, we wont be stuck inside anymore cause we’ll be playing and looking after the horse.So we don’t waste our eyesight on computers and tvs, all the time.So we wont be sitting around doing nothing we’d actually be out there using our energy and you wouldn’t have to worry if we’re hypo because you’d know that we’d be playing alot.

Thirdly,the horse will mow our grass for us so we won’t have to use the lawn mower any more.We won’t have to pay if our lawn mower runs out of petrol because were not using it any more.

In conclusion I would like a horse for a pet.A horse would give us fertiliser,mow our grass for us for free and distract us kids from you all the time.Why wouldn’t you want a horse?You’d have time to your self and you wouldn’t have to worry about putting us to sleep because we’d be so tired.

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Allanah King said...

Hello Sophie

I think you have presented a case for having a horse very clearly.

I remember trying to convince my parents when I was about your age that we could have a horse on our front lawn and never have to worry about lawn mowing ever again.

Unfortunately they weren't convinced as they said the lawn wasn't big enough.

Sadly- looking at the lawn I would have to say that they were right.

Ho hum.

It was a nice try.


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