Nov 7, 2011

Why we should have iPads/ iPods rather than laptops

Do you ever wonder which will be better iPads or laptops? Well no worries I'm going to tell you all the advantages of iPads and iPods and the disadvantages of laptops.

Well firstly on your iPod in your spare time you can check your  emails without using the Internet, and with laptops you have to have internet to check your emails. Plus the iPod doesn't freeze and it's also a great gaming system, so if your in the car and  if it's a long way home you won't get  board.

Secondly iPads and iPods are lighter than laptops so iPads and iPods are easier to carry around than laptops, plus iPods and iPads have more grip than laptops, and another thing is the price for laptops are $1000, for iPads are $700 and for iPods are $350.

Third of all if you have an iPod touch and if your going somewhere you can easily fit it inside your pocket and with laptops you can't because there too big.

I believe that we should keep iPads and iPods instead  of laptops because with laptops you would just waste money and, with IPads you won't waste money so just think about it MR. Sumich would the school rather have iPads or would you just continue buying laptops?


Kieran said...

Well done Sohail I liked the big words eg: (disadvantages) and (advantages).

Kieran said...

Keep it up!! Kieran

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