Apr 19, 2011

V8 Super Cars!

How do ya do mates? It’s me, Kieran and yes, I am back with my stories again. This time it’s about V8 Super Cars.

So, we were going to Hamilton to see the V8 Super Cars race. The first race we saw was for the Classic 3, 4 & 5. As that race went on we found a spot that was on a corner. Oh and yes, the cars had turbochargers in them and when they braked for the corner we could hear the extra fuel go BANG!!! About 30 minutes later, that race stopped so we went to a little mall that was in the area and had a look around. 20 minutes later…….. BANG!!! They came slowing down for the corner. This time it was the classic cars racing, much faster and much louder. They had to do 59 laps (the track was smaller). Crash!!! A car went spinning out of control. So they had to get the safety car out ( they did this about 4 times ‘cause there were 4 crashes). One more thing, with the noise I couldn’t hear myself. The race went on for an hour and a half. When they had finished the race, they came round on their victory lap. We were on a wide corner and the winner did a burn out (after 10 seconds he was lost in the smoke). I really liked that part. Then we left (on the way to the car I was saying it was great and all that kind of stuff and …I fell asleep in the car). The end.


Mitika said...

Really well written Kieran. I actually feel like I am at the event.

Miss Signal said...

Wow! You are so lucky to have gone to the V8 Super Cars Kieran! What a great start to your holiday too. It sounds like it was pretty loud there though. I look forward to reading more about your holiday events!
Miss Signal

Gina said...

Great job Kieran! Sounds like you had a blast. Very well written.

sohail said...

nice kiran looks like you had a fun way to kick-start your holiday!!!!!!! From Sohail

Linda Klenner said...

You are so lucky, Kieran. Sounds like had alot more fun than I am in the rain these holidays!

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