Nov 1, 2011

We should have iPads over laptops

I believe that we should have iPads at Summerland Primary School instead of  laptops. The iPad is lighter and easier to carry then a laptop because the iPad has a bag to carry it in.
Firstly, the iPads have covers so then dust can’t get on the screen or so then the iPad doesn't get dirty. Plus you can get a special cloth to clean the finger print marks on the iPad.
Secondly, iPads cost around 1000 dollars and laptops cost 3000 dollars, so ipads are cheaper than laptops. You could get three ipads for the same amount of money for one laptop. Also ipad programs (apps) are cheaper then laptop programs. What do you want to get, three iPads or one laptop?

Thirdly, the iPads have sections for different apps so all the maths is in a group and it makes it easier to find maths reading, writing and spelling activities.  Plus you can just tap around on an iPad instead of tapping on a mouse all the time and you can zoom in quicker on the iPad.

In conclusion I believe ipads over laptops. Because its better for our learning. I’ve chosen what side I’m on, but, have you?

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