Aug 17, 2011


Aug 10, 2011

Alfie's Fotobabble

Aug 7, 2011

Making Crystals

How exciting! Today we talked all about crystals and what they are like.  We are being real scientists and having a go at making crystals using hot water, salt or sugar.  Here are some photos of our experiments today - we will keep you updated with photos as they change!

How Ice Blocks are Made

Aug 5, 2011

Gamie's house.

Bang the car door shut zoom we went. Finaly we got to gamies house.Ok first of all who is gamie? just jokes she is my friend. Do you want to know how me met? I think you do. First she was new at dancing did i mention I do dancing? oh yes i did. My dance teacher melssia said who wants to be with gamie.My group put our hands up first. Melssia said go with Tia's group. Also we had macdonlds together. I asked gamie if we can go play with the ball? she said yes. So we went out side. We were actually playing netball.Then gamies mum said what do you want for lunch we all agreed on pancakes.After lunch we walked down to the mall. We boght ice cream. We went home because I had to go home I said bye to gamie and her mum. Zoom! we went home.
by Tia

Aug 2, 2011

How to take care of a gold fish

If you are finding it hard to take care of a gold fish then i will tell you.

Firstly fish need fish food.When you go to the supermarket or the pet shop find fish flakes.when you feed your fish put 1 or 2 taps of the container so the fish don't get fat.

Next to clean the tank you must clean it once a month . When you clean your tank take the fish out of the tank and put it in a seperate container. Clean it with a tooth brush and change the water.

                                                                 By MICHAEL

Aug 1, 2011

How to keep safe in winter

Do you want to be sick ?  Then follow my tips.  First keep in a warm  place because if you go in a cold place you get sick. Next tip don't go outside with wet hair because you can get a head ache. Next you should wear a jumper and socks warm pants and gloves  and a beanie to keep you warm. Wow! Now  you know how to keep safe in winter. By Giovanni                                        

How to keep safe from the flu

Do you want the flu? Well follow my tips to stay at school.

When you are at school wash your hands after you blow your nose to not spread germs.
If you cough don't cover your mouth with hand because you are spreading germs so cover with tissue or elbow. Next if you go outside make sure you have a jumper on so you don't get a cold

If your sick at home have plenty of sleep because when you get grumpy that's when you get really sick.
When you are sick you should have a blanket on because you don't want to be super sick

So now you have followed my tips you won't be missing any SCHOOL !

How to not get the flu

Well if you the flu this is the explanation for you. firstly when you get up put your dressing gown on but if you don't have a dressing gown wrap a blanket around you. Torn on the heater  and sit about 10 to 15 steps away because it will keep you warm. when you cough cover your mouth with your elbow so you don't spread germs. Try not to go out side with wet hair because it will drip on you and you will get cold and you will have to go back inside to dry your self. Stay away from school when your sick because you will pass germs. So that is how you can't get a cold.

                                                                       BY MICHAEL KNOWLES
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