Feb 28, 2011

Piha Writer of the Week: Alfie

Well done Alfie on his awesome recount of our rugby taster session. Alfie was learning to introduce his story in an interesting way using speech to hook his audience in. Check out Alfie with the Piha whiteboard and his piece of writing!

Here is Alfie's story that is on the Piha whiteboard:

“Ok time to go to the rugby taster” called Miss Signal as we were walking into the line.
I was excited. The person that that taught us was named Scott. He got us into teams. Then it rained so we went to the hall. We played buddy tag. But we didn’t get enough time so Scott said since you guys didn’t get enough time you can come at lunch time. So it was lunch time. Only Reece, Seb, Bradley and I went. We did an obstacle course. We had to step through a ladder then go around a pole and back. It was cool.

So come along to Piha and check out Alfie's story!


Nicola (Kieran's Mum) said...

Great writing Alfie! Well done!

Miss Ozich said...

Awesome writing, sounds like you had lots of fun!

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