Nov 30, 2011

The Annoying Volcano

Crazy Dog

Nov 29, 2011

Why people should get things for FREE!!

Well, firstly some people are poor and can't afford anything e.g A house, food and clothes.

Secondly when we buy fast food. We will grow fat. And a combo can cost up from 30 to 10 dollars instead we could get it for free. Something on TV looked really good and you were busting to get it but you didn't have enough money but after a few days you had money and you bought it and it didn't work what a waste of money!

When you get a book it costs a lot but you could just get it for free because it can help children read,help them read better and can help them learn new things.

An iPad can cost  up to a $9.00 but instead we could get for free because basically laptops and iPads are the same but laptops cost more,iPads can easily get dirty,it doesn't have full internet,it can get frozen easily and then you have to pay for it to get fixed.

 Your child just wanted this little toy it costs a lot you said, "for just this little toy!" your child got angry so you said, "ok, ok i'll buy it for you!" so you bought it  and after a few days the toy broke you don't know how you don't know when. You got really mad so you said to you child "what a waste of money!"

Nov 24, 2011

Why I should have a horse for a pet

Here are all the reasons why I should have horse for a pet.

Firstly, the horse can give us free fertiliser.Then we don’t  have to go to buy fertiliser from Mitre Ten somewhere else like that.Horse fertiliser is better than normal fertiliser for your garden so your plants will grow better.What do you want free fertiliser  or fertiliser that you have to pay for?

Secondly, we wont be stuck inside anymore cause we’ll be playing and looking after the horse.So we don’t waste our eyesight on computers and tvs, all the time.So we wont be sitting around doing nothing we’d actually be out there using our energy and you wouldn’t have to worry if we’re hypo because you’d know that we’d be playing alot.

Thirdly,the horse will mow our grass for us so we won’t have to use the lawn mower any more.We won’t have to pay if our lawn mower runs out of petrol because were not using it any more.

In conclusion I would like a horse for a pet.A horse would give us fertiliser,mow our grass for us for free and distract us kids from you all the time.Why wouldn’t you want a horse?You’d have time to your self and you wouldn’t have to worry about putting us to sleep because we’d be so tired.

Piha for the Win!

Piha won the Pod Relay on Athletics Day.
 They even beat the teachers! 

We are SO proud of our Piha team!

Nov 21, 2011

Athletics Day

Make your own slideshow at Animoto.

Try our slideshow maker at Animoto.

Nov 20, 2011

Alfred wants a fat Gorilla

Dear mum and dad may I have a gorilla it is nice really pet! TODAY I’ll CONVINCE you to get me one!

First a gorilla is really smart so when I have no one to play with it can play with me.
Second when I go to school if there are bully's it can fight them by smashing and kicking, and farting also make them smell his stinky armpit so I’ll feel very safe and that’s good.
Thirdly on Sunday night we get FREE rides on wires so we can travel and that’s awesome.

In conclusion I think that we should buy a gorilla.

Nov 17, 2011

Why I should have a Dog!!

Today I’m going to tell you mum and dad why I should have a dog as a pet.

Well firstly I can get more exercise because I can run around and play with the dog rather then sitting on the couch watching television.

If you lost your hat the dog could smell the scent and find it for you.

If somebody has come to our house at night and and stole something the dog will bark and we will know that someone has come into our house.

Normally on the weekends I have no one to play with but if I get a dog I won’t be bored anymore.

If it is mothers day or fathers day and your mum or dad just loves reading the newspaper the dog could go fetch the mail and the newspaper.

Sun Eui wants a Horse!

Mum, have you ever wished you were NEVER late for school or anything like that? Well not anymore! Unless you buy me a horse! And you don’t have to drive me to school anymore!

Horses can ride you to school when you are about to be late so you are never late again, because horses are very fast! And if you keep training it you can be a famous horse rider!

It can help you picks apples but train it before it picks the apples otherwise it will EAT the apples... it can also mow the grass but make sure it doesn’t mow too much otherwise there is gonna be a hole in your garden...

There is SO much more like... it can be a alarm clock by going “NEIGH!~” or it can sense fear to be aware of and play tag while riding it so no-one will ever EVER tag you! Like in a human race! I know it’s cheating... but it would be AWESOME!!!~

Now mom... he he... have you changed your smart big mind? Hope you say yes... and don’t say “NO!” just because of Luna and Leo!

laptops are better than iPads.

I think that laptops are better than iPads.                                                                                       

Laptops have got bigger screen than iPads.  You can see the screen better on laptops.  If you can see the screen you can do your more faster,and you can see the writing more better.

iPads sometimes don’t work, for example when you go on Spelling City on the iPad the spelling boxes are very little and it is very hard to use,and it will waste your learning time.

iPads you have to click to type with your finger, and it sometimes hurts your finger.  But on the laptops you can type with your fingers,and it doesn't go together the number.

Now you might know which side you go.

I think we should have ipads instead of laptops & computer

I believe that we should have ipads instead of laptops & computers

I believe we should have ipads because we use laptops & computers to much so if we use ipads we will learn somthing about ipads.

I think we should have ipads instead of laptops & computers because their is heaps of spelling,writing & maths apps to do.

I think we should have ipads because we can go on safari & other apps that laptops & computers cant go on.

Its beater to have ipads instead of laptops because it has  a cover so you cant drop it hard.

I think its good to have a ipad because it has a cover so you dont need to wipe the screen heaps.

I think we should have ipads because theirs cool books to read.

In conclusion I think we should have ipads instead of laptops & compters.

Why we should use iPads instead of laptops

Some people would say that iPads should be banned but I am here to tell you that iPads should stay.

Here are some reasons why iPads should stay. First it is easy to download apps because all you have to do is go to the app store on the iPad and type what you want on the iPad screen.

Next iPads are easy to carry around because They are light, small, they have there own bag and have covers. Also you can just flick to the app or page you want but on the laptop you have to keep clicking and clicking and clicking.

Now comes to my final reason iPads have a cloth to wipe off the sticky fingerprints on the iPad also a laptop would have a germs all over the keyboard who knows what  a year 1 has been touching

So in conclusion I say that laptops should be banned in primary school!!

Laptops are better than iPads

I think laptops are better than iPads because iPads have to be carried around in a bag.

1 argument
when you touch the iPad screen to much you will start to make scraches and fingerprints on thew iPad screen.

2 argument
If you are on  a iPad and you are on an app that you are not sospose to be on and you try and quit out of the app you are on the iPad mite freeze.

Retelling of Red Riding Hood

Nov 15, 2011

Summerland Gymnastics Representatives

Great work Seb and Giovanni who represented Summerland at the Henderson cluster gymnastics and helped their team gain a 4th place ranking! Superb - we are VERY proud of you!

Nov 9, 2011


Man,are you struggleing to think that shoud i buy oh no but i want... grrrrrrrrr!!!!!

Well... you read the right book.

 1  I thinkIPADS SHOUD BE BANNED!!!!!!!!!!!!! because Ipads have a smaller screen and dont have very much websites but computers do they have like club penguin,gmailand facebook.

  2  people that talk about ipads rush to the computers in the morning.people that rush to ipads is not fare because e.g 5 ipads and 5 people get them.

  3  and there are 10 people in the class see not fare.

  4  so now i taught you shoud buy more LAPTOPS THEN IPADS!!!!!!!!!

Ipads should stay and laptops gone

I say that laptops should go because laptops cost more than Ipads. Ipads cost about 1,000 and laptops cost about 3,000. You can get 3 Ipads for the prize of 1 laptops. If we do that the school saves money. If we save money we can get the tiger torf we want.

secenlee Ipads can do more because on laptops you click and drag and on Ipads you tap.  On laptops you can onlee sorech the wed and Ipads you can serch the wed and play learning apps.

finaly on the Ipad lots of apps are free and gast going back to the money thing it saves money and lots of the free apps are learning apps. spelling haves the most and maths and prite mach all the sub gecks.

in conclsen I say that Ipads stay in primerly school and laptop not.

Nov 8, 2011

Volvo Ocean Race

This is the CAMPER Emirates Team NZ that is racing in the Volvo Ocean Race.  They are racing around the world over the next 9 months.  Today we talked about the race and shared some of the questions we have about the Ocean Race.  We will continue to track it over the next few weeks before holidays start.  Click on the Team NZ yacht above to see where they are racing and how the NZ team is doing!

The map below shows where the yachts are racing to in each leg.  They are scheduled to arrive in NZ on the 17th March 2012 - so keep an eye out on the news and you might get to head down to the ports of Auckland and see the boats in real life!  Click on the map below to find out more about each port that the race stops in!

Nov 7, 2011

Certificate Winners Week 3

Home Learning Challenges

Reece created a bamboo boat using bamboo, duct tape, string and some paper.

Chelsea created a sea plane bottles, aluminium cans, aluminium wrap, coat hangars, coke bottle lid, lots of little bits from my dads work to decorate it and lots of glue!  
Here is my sea plane! 

Why iPads are better than latops

What do you think? Would you get a iPad or a latop or would you get both. If you got a iPad good because iPads are the best.                   

Now I will tell you why iPads are the best. First they are touch screen wich is way better than a keypad and you have a keypad on the iPad.  You have different pages like the art page and the game page and the other pages and you can search stuff but sometimes it dose not understand what you mean.  

Secondly you can get new A.P.P.S. that you can’t get on the laptops. New A.P.P.S. are
interesting because they are new to you not if you have used it in the past.

Last of all they are easy to carry because they have there very own bag and all you have to do is walk and don’t worry about a thing.  

Now I have told you what iPads can do so get an ipad not a LAPTOP!!!!!

we should have ipads

I think we should have iPads because we can use interesting apps that will help us learn about  Maths, Reading and Spelling using iPads.  We could create a story with animation, recording your voice and listen to it when you have finish because then you will know if you like it or don’t like it.

When you are doing Listen to Reading you can listen to lots of stories on an iPad page that has listen to reading books. Read to Self is like reading a book but on an ipad.  You can use a finger to keep the pace or the app shows you the word when it reads to you.  This is why iPads are better than laptops - I will explain more along the way!      

For iPads you can swipe on the screen. Then you can see what’s on the page and you can do Spelling, Maths and you can save lots of pages of different apps. For Maths you can use your head or a calculator on the iPad.
For Reading to Self you can go on a file called Books then you find a book, click on it then you get to read it!  If you have permission on words also work on writing.  When you do Spelling on the Whiteboard app you get your spelling book and look at your words and spell the words with a buddy.  It’s a really good app for your spelling!

And that’s why we should have iPads instead of laptops.

We Should have Ipads Not Laptops

I’m going to tell why Summerland Primary School needs iPads and not laptops. In my opinion we can learn about the new technology and we can learn on new technology. So I’m going to tell you about why iPads should be used more then laptops. Why are iPads are better than laptops? I will explain!

iPads are better than laptops because you can buy free apps to help you in your hour of need. So, like when want to read a book you can download ‘Wattpad’ or ‘Comics4kids’ or some kind of book app.  Or if you want to do Maths you would download maths games or if you wanted to do Spelling you would download spelling games or any other kind of app you want to use.

iPads have covers that protect the screen to help keep the dust off.  Laptops do not have covers. iPads have small cloths that you can use to wipe off smudges and fingerprints.

iPads are less expensive and are faster than laptops. iPads cost one thousand dollars and laptops cost three thousand dollars (including the software), therefore iPads are cheaper than laptops.

In conclusion I believe that Summerland Primary School should have iPads not laptops.   

Why we should have iPads/ iPods rather than laptops

Do you ever wonder which will be better iPads or laptops? Well no worries I'm going to tell you all the advantages of iPads and iPods and the disadvantages of laptops.

Well firstly on your iPod in your spare time you can check your  emails without using the Internet, and with laptops you have to have internet to check your emails. Plus the iPod doesn't freeze and it's also a great gaming system, so if your in the car and  if it's a long way home you won't get  board.

Secondly iPads and iPods are lighter than laptops so iPads and iPods are easier to carry around than laptops, plus iPods and iPads have more grip than laptops, and another thing is the price for laptops are $1000, for iPads are $700 and for iPods are $350.

Third of all if you have an iPod touch and if your going somewhere you can easily fit it inside your pocket and with laptops you can't because there too big.

I believe that we should keep iPads and iPods instead  of laptops because with laptops you would just waste money and, with IPads you won't waste money so just think about it MR. Sumich would the school rather have iPads or would you just continue buying laptops?

Laptop are better than iPads

I will tall you why I like laptop are better then iPad.
Laptop have math games more than iPad.Laptops scream are small.Laptop can photo someone.Laptop have keyboard but iPad dose,t have keyboard and you write in keyboard it's much more easier because if you keep practice typing you will get fast typing at laptops or computer.On laptops you can watch DVD like computer.Laptops can cover the scream can move but not like take off but ipad can't.I thick ipads are expensive but I think laptops are little bit cheap because human made laptops before ipads.Most aduit has laptop or computer but I don't know why.Thats why like laptop then ipads.

We should have ipads instead of laptops.

I think we should have iPads instead of laptops.

I think we should have iPads because we use laptops & computers to much and if we have iPads more we would learn more things on the iPads.  For example, we could learn about Writing, Reading and Maths.

Secondly iPads cost around $700-$2000 & laptops cost around $1000-$3000.  Which means iPads cost less than laptops so that we can get more iPads for the school to learn stuff like spelling games, math games & writing games.

Lastly iPads are smaller than laptops which means that iPads are harder to drop.  Because iPads have better grip so that we don’t drop it more.  So that we don't waste money.

In conclusion I think we should have iPads instead of laptops

Nov 1, 2011

iPads or Laptops?

I believe that iPads should be used the most in class because You can buy new apps.

On iPads you can zoom in easier, Simply by pinching the screen and moving inwards to zoom in. So if some things are small on the iPad you can zoom in to see them.

Secondly, you may think that ipads don't have covers but they do! They help the screen stay clean. This is important as it can be hard to see the screen if you don't keep it clean.

Laptops cost around $3000 and ipads cost around $1000, think about it Mr Sumich, one laptop or three ipads?

iPads don't freeze as much as laptops do.

So, now you now what to buy when you go to a store... an iPad!


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We should have iPads over laptops

I believe that we should have iPads at Summerland Primary School instead of  laptops. The iPad is lighter and easier to carry then a laptop because the iPad has a bag to carry it in.
Firstly, the iPads have covers so then dust can’t get on the screen or so then the iPad doesn't get dirty. Plus you can get a special cloth to clean the finger print marks on the iPad.
Secondly, iPads cost around 1000 dollars and laptops cost 3000 dollars, so ipads are cheaper than laptops. You could get three ipads for the same amount of money for one laptop. Also ipad programs (apps) are cheaper then laptop programs. What do you want to get, three iPads or one laptop?

Thirdly, the iPads have sections for different apps so all the maths is in a group and it makes it easier to find maths reading, writing and spelling activities.  Plus you can just tap around on an iPad instead of tapping on a mouse all the time and you can zoom in quicker on the iPad.

In conclusion I believe ipads over laptops. Because its better for our learning. I’ve chosen what side I’m on, but, have you?
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