Apr 26, 2011

See the Rugby World Cup - In Person!

Tomorrow you could go and take your photo with the one and only Webb Ellis Trophy or otherwise known as the Rugby World Cup!

King Dicks Liquor
3044 Great North Road, New Lynn
4.30 - 5.30pm

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Apr 22, 2011


Monday the 25th April is a very important day for New Zealanders. ANZAC Day remembers all the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) members who fought for us in World Wars 1/2 and other wars. For more information about ANZAC Day check out this link.

Below are a list of the ANZAC Parades in Auckland that you could attend with your family:

6am - Dawn Parade at The Cenotaph, Auckland Museum

In West Auckland:

The dawn parade at the cenotaph in Waikumete Cemetery is the largest in the west and begins at 6am. Other parades are at:

Avondale RSA: Parade 9.30am, 7 Layard St

Glen Eden RSA: Dawn parade 6am, citizens parade 11am, 9 Glendale Rd

Henderson RSA: Service 11.30am, 66-70 Railside Ave

Hobsonville RSA: Parade 10.30am leaving from Hobsonville School.

Service at RSA from 11am, 114 Hobsonville Rd

New Lynn RSA: Meet 9am at the library, 3 Memorial Drive to march back to club, 2 Veronica St, for the service

Piha RSA: Service 2pm, 3 Beach Valley Rd

Swanson RSA: Meet at Swanson School 9am to march to the RSA, 663 Swanson Rd, for the service

Te Atatu RSA: March 9.30am from Hereford St, service 10am at the community centre, 595 Te Atatu Rd

Titirangi RSA: Meet Titirangi village 10.10am for march to RSA, 502 South Titirangi Rd

Waitakere RSA: Meet at the fire station for the parade at 11am, marching to the RSA, 39 Township Rd.

Parade information from Stuff.co.nz
For more information check out the Auckland City Council website.

Apr 19, 2011

V8 Super Cars!

How do ya do mates? It’s me, Kieran and yes, I am back with my stories again. This time it’s about V8 Super Cars.

So, we were going to Hamilton to see the V8 Super Cars race. The first race we saw was for the Classic 3, 4 & 5. As that race went on we found a spot that was on a corner. Oh and yes, the cars had turbochargers in them and when they braked for the corner we could hear the extra fuel go BANG!!! About 30 minutes later, that race stopped so we went to a little mall that was in the area and had a look around. 20 minutes later…….. BANG!!! They came slowing down for the corner. This time it was the classic cars racing, much faster and much louder. They had to do 59 laps (the track was smaller). Crash!!! A car went spinning out of control. So they had to get the safety car out ( they did this about 4 times ‘cause there were 4 crashes). One more thing, with the noise I couldn’t hear myself. The race went on for an hour and a half. When they had finished the race, they came round on their victory lap. We were on a wide corner and the winner did a burn out (after 10 seconds he was lost in the smoke). I really liked that part. Then we left (on the way to the car I was saying it was great and all that kind of stuff and …I fell asleep in the car). The end.

Apr 13, 2011

Creature at camp creepy

creature at camp creepy


On the cross country day I will be running with 2 fast people Alex Sent and Reece Taylor. I do cross country training  with them. I run with them. We have to run until the bell gos. It is hard work running but it is super cool fun.

Creature at camp creepy

Creature at camp creepy

Apr 11, 2011

Piha T-Shirts

Check out our awesome Piha T-shirts for 2011.
Remember that your form and money MUST be in by THURSDAY this week if you want one of these gorgeous t-shirts to wear!

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Certificate Winners Week 11!

Congratulations to our Pod assembly award winners!

Thushar - Improvement in mathematics strategies
Tia - Fun in her learning
Eliza - Having integrity to be responsible for her own learning choices
Tarun - For sharing his science knowledge with his team
JC - Celebrating others' success positively


"AAAAaaaaarrrr!!! heave ho heave ho" as team 2 raged for the win we were playing tug of war tug of war is...

you will need:

  • A thick long rope with a ribbon in the middle.
  • An even pair of people
  • 2 cones.
Take the rope and put it on the ground get your cone's and spread them out on the ground but not as big as the rope any ways roll the rope next to the cones get your even pair of people and split them put them on each end. Shout "1,2,3 PULL!!!".

P.S I love tug of war.

Tug of war

''Arrrr'' I whispered to myself. Room eight were playing tug of war. We were halved into two groups. Then it started I also started to think because it was  like we were helping them win because we were weakling and they were getting stronger by the minute.''. Anyway after I had that moment of thinking it seemed that we started winning and they started losing so eventually we  won. On the second round it didn't actually work as I expected because they got really strong and we got really weak so of course they won that round. But I really didn't like it when Miss Signal said that we were going to have the third round author time which really annoyed me. But she still hasn't let us do that round.

Tug of war

"Ah!! Ropeburn" I yelled it was Tuesday 22 March 2011 and room 8 were having a tug-of-war challenge. Everybody was feeling nervous or they were about to explode because they just wanted to get on with the game. But I was feeling totally different from the other people. I didn't feel nervous and I didn't feel like I was going to explode either I was just calm. Then the game began. we all picked up the rope, Miss Signal called "3,2,1 Pull!!!" Then we all began to pull, first the ribbon almost got over team 2's cone but then I yelled "Pull!!!!" We pulled with all our might, the ribbon raced over to our cone and then we pulled once more, the ribbon went over our cone then we were all cheering. "Re-match!!" team 2 yelled. So we all had a re-macth as if, but we all actually called it a second round so Miss Signal called "3,2,1Pull!!!" again. Team 1 pulled with all their might but it wasn't worth it, so the ribbon went over team 2's cone and team 2 were all cheering.Then we had a third round as well it was the championship round.Miss Signal called "3,2,1 Pull!!!! one more time "errr!!!" we all yelled it was like a battlefield all of us had tripped over, even some people fell on other people so no one won the third round.

TUG OF WAR!!!!!!!!

"Humph"  pull I yelled as we were playing tug of war NO!!!!!!!! we lose we will have our revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!! they were better than I thought.I struggled and and pulled and..........Ahh they were to strong.I have never been so angry in my life.Grr I thought as we were approach round to the next round In the next round I pulled hard as I can.......I couldn't believe my eyes we won!!!!!!I felt AWESOME at next round we could not find out who the champion was cause the grass was to slippery......... to be continued....

Apr 10, 2011

an earthquake in Christchurch

crash! there was a earthquake in Christchurch it happened at 1pm on wednesday lots of people died. lots of houses got destroyed. the power got shut downed  in  Christchurch. the depth was 6.3 . when I found out I raced to the computer like a cheetah to find out some information . I saw a house burning on fire.

Apr 9, 2011


Let’s go Kieran! I’m coming Dad! 20 minutes later, we’re there. I’m hungry. Let’s go have some KFC. OK. What do you want to get son? Wicked wings will be fine for me.

After we had KFC we walked back to the Vector Arena and got in the line for gate D. Then we went to door 4. The rows we were in were labelled RR, our seats were numbered 536 and 537. At 8:00, everything went dark like midnight. Suddenly coloured lights lit up the stage. Then The Potbelleez walked on stage (they are an Australian band ). They played some wonderful music. After an hour they left the stage. Then every thing became bright. Do you want something to eat? Yes please. What do you want? Hot chips and a drink please. OK. 45 minutes later… It’s starting now. Oh yeah!!! Usher’s concert went on for 2 hours and 45 minutes. It was great!!! Dad said,, “Hey I liked the way you got up and danced for every song It was great to see you dancing. So did you like it?” What do you mean did I like it…it was so awesome I felt I was going to faint!!

How To Make An Egg Float

Apr 7, 2011

Science Day Video's

As we went through our science experiments in our groups we recorded our experiments using iMovie. Lots of us had never used iMovie so we were learning lots! We learnt how to record ourselves in iMovie and how to add in text for credits (credits tell people about who was in the movie and other jobs!).

In the afternoon we watched our movies and were very impressed with our hardwork. We know there are things that we can improve on but for our first movies - we think they are superb!

We wanted to share them with our blog audience - so have a look!

Apr 6, 2011

Room 9 Needs You!

Room 9 have written an amazing story together but they can't decide on an ending for their story! So they want YOU to head along to their blog and leave an ending in the comments section for them.

** Remember to read their story first before you leave them an ending!


Science Day

As part of Home Learning Tarun organised a Science Day for Room 8. Here's a video he made to tell us all about it:

Apr 4, 2011

Tug of war

"Rrrr"My team and the other team was versing each other.After that the first round team one won.I whispered in my mind I wish my team won,and guess what my team ...won.I       
was excited that I was going to explode,how I felt was very very exited.When my best friend fell ,everybody started to fall they all did it accident.Then I said in my mind
"I wish the never team won,and they really won.We got a tug.

how my mum broke her foot

"Ahhh!" as my mum screaming. She broke her foot. I'll tell you how it happened so we were at my friends house for a bbq the adults were talking to each other untill thay went on the xbox connect so my friend Brenden had a go but Brenden won then my mum and his dad had a go now heres the bad part. thay played 100 meters hertels the my mum fell over and landed on her foot so she was screaming so I had a unexpected sleep over so my mum went to A and E so in the morning we went on the wii the game was super mario bros. then it was time to leave my dad took me home and when I saw her she had crutches.

cousins house

Oh no Im still thinking for my mum's birthday present beacause  yesterday was mum's  birthday.Yeah my dad is maybe taking us to the movie's or swimming today.After when we ate the mud cake we went to duck pond I took my bike and my brother took his bike and we had some pizza and we had lot's of  fun.


Oh no! rain i cried softball is cancelled. No I need to go for gymnastics I do not like going to the gym.My cousin teachers me to do a cartwheel on the high beam. That was scary i only kind of like it mostly i skip some classes because i'v got softball only if it is  is not raining. Mat time home time bye. See you later.

Fishing trip!

Barroom went the motor of the fishing boat as we shot off like a rocket.  We shot off past the North Heads.  We stopped in line with the Sky Tower.  The options for bait were yucky squid and slimy fish.  So I baited my rod with Mr Slimy  and dropped it in. Half a minute later I felt a tug on the line.  Help me Dad! 3, 2, 1 - Snap!  The line broke in two.  Oh well, better luck next time.  Hey! How about using the bigger rod?   Okay.  

This time dad baited it.  Let’s get fishing!  All right!!!  So as before, I dropped the hook in the salty sea.  Plop went my fishing rod!  2 or 3 minutes later…….. Help me!   It feels like a big one.  Reel, reel!!!  I had a furious fight with the fish.  Eventually I managed to reel it in.  I saw that I had caught my first snapper.  I caught my first snapper oh yeah!!!  That’s awesome Kieran.  At about 9.00 the Captain decided to move the boat to a different spot (the funny thing was that we came back to the same spot again).  So Dad baited the rod with  Mr Yucky.  Then I dropped it in and seconds later I felt a huge tug.  Help!!!  I started to reel in super fast.  Seconds later..… What fish is that?  That’s a Kahawai.  

This went on till about (except that I caught 9 more snapper).  After that we shot back to the dock and sorted out the fish.  We each took home the fish that we caught Dad had the dubious honour of cleaning the fish.

The End.

By Kieran.

Apr 3, 2011

Electric 8's tug of war

Err pull. On Tuesday Room 8 played tug of war. I didn't know it was going to happen until Miss Signal took us to the field and brought a rope. I was in team 1.  Miss signal shouted "321 pull" I pulled and pulled then fell over and did the splits and I was getting dragged by the rope on the grass "ouch" I shouted and before we even started Miss signal videoed us of how we felt and when she put her ipod on me I shouted "awesome"!  321 Pull Miss signal screamed Miss signal again we pulled and pulled until the ribbon went over team twos cone "nooo" I shouted. Then on the third round no one won that time to be continued...

team 1 of how we felt

Tug of war!!!

"Tug of war!!" I shouted when we were playing  it.We yanked the rope as hard as we could, but they struck back hard and we pulled it back and forth and back and forth until we won the first round. My fingers hurt really bad . When we did the second round our team slipped and tripped over each other. That's how we lost. In round three team two  tripped and slipped even worse than us so they stopped the game and it was morning tea time .Round three will be continued...                

Apr 2, 2011

Certificate Winners Week 9!

Congratulations to our Week 10 winners!
Alfred for Fun, Bradley for Success, Chelsea for Respect
and Sohail for improvement in his recount writing.

Piha Visit The Zoo

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