Nov 7, 2011

Why iPads are better than latops

What do you think? Would you get a iPad or a latop or would you get both. If you got a iPad good because iPads are the best.                   

Now I will tell you why iPads are the best. First they are touch screen wich is way better than a keypad and you have a keypad on the iPad.  You have different pages like the art page and the game page and the other pages and you can search stuff but sometimes it dose not understand what you mean.  

Secondly you can get new A.P.P.S. that you can’t get on the laptops. New A.P.P.S. are
interesting because they are new to you not if you have used it in the past.

Last of all they are easy to carry because they have there very own bag and all you have to do is walk and don’t worry about a thing.  

Now I have told you what iPads can do so get an ipad not a LAPTOP!!!!!
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