Apr 3, 2011

Electric 8's tug of war

Err pull. On Tuesday Room 8 played tug of war. I didn't know it was going to happen until Miss Signal took us to the field and brought a rope. I was in team 1.  Miss signal shouted "321 pull" I pulled and pulled then fell over and did the splits and I was getting dragged by the rope on the grass "ouch" I shouted and before we even started Miss signal videoed us of how we felt and when she put her ipod on me I shouted "awesome"!  321 Pull Miss signal screamed Miss signal again we pulled and pulled until the ribbon went over team twos cone "nooo" I shouted. Then on the third round no one won that time to be continued...

team 1 of how we felt

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Room8 said...

wow that is cool

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