Apr 11, 2011

Tug of war

"Ah!! Ropeburn" I yelled it was Tuesday 22 March 2011 and room 8 were having a tug-of-war challenge. Everybody was feeling nervous or they were about to explode because they just wanted to get on with the game. But I was feeling totally different from the other people. I didn't feel nervous and I didn't feel like I was going to explode either I was just calm. Then the game began. we all picked up the rope, Miss Signal called "3,2,1 Pull!!!" Then we all began to pull, first the ribbon almost got over team 2's cone but then I yelled "Pull!!!!" We pulled with all our might, the ribbon raced over to our cone and then we pulled once more, the ribbon went over our cone then we were all cheering. "Re-match!!" team 2 yelled. So we all had a re-macth as if, but we all actually called it a second round so Miss Signal called "3,2,1Pull!!!" again. Team 1 pulled with all their might but it wasn't worth it, so the ribbon went over team 2's cone and team 2 were all cheering.Then we had a third round as well it was the championship round.Miss Signal called "3,2,1 Pull!!!! one more time "errr!!!" we all yelled it was like a battlefield all of us had tripped over, even some people fell on other people so no one won the third round.

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