Apr 9, 2011


Let’s go Kieran! I’m coming Dad! 20 minutes later, we’re there. I’m hungry. Let’s go have some KFC. OK. What do you want to get son? Wicked wings will be fine for me.

After we had KFC we walked back to the Vector Arena and got in the line for gate D. Then we went to door 4. The rows we were in were labelled RR, our seats were numbered 536 and 537. At 8:00, everything went dark like midnight. Suddenly coloured lights lit up the stage. Then The Potbelleez walked on stage (they are an Australian band ). They played some wonderful music. After an hour they left the stage. Then every thing became bright. Do you want something to eat? Yes please. What do you want? Hot chips and a drink please. OK. 45 minutes later… It’s starting now. Oh yeah!!! Usher’s concert went on for 2 hours and 45 minutes. It was great!!! Dad said,, “Hey I liked the way you got up and danced for every song It was great to see you dancing. So did you like it?” What do you mean did I like it…it was so awesome I felt I was going to faint!!


Miss Signal said...

Fantastic recount Kieran! You were so excited but sore (from all the dancing) the next day. I wonder what was your favourite song that he performed?
Miss Signal

Nana Julie said...

Very well done Kieran!!! Enjoyed reading it.

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