Feb 15, 2011

SunEui's A SuperStar!!!

Hi! My name is SunEui!
I am gonna tell things about myself!

I will tell you "My Favourite Colours!"
I have heaps of favourite colour! I will tell you all of them...
-Brown (Dark)
And now I will tell you "The Stuffs I Love To Do!"
I love doing lots of stuffs too!
And those stuffs are...

-Art(Any type of art)
-Doing Tests if challenging(Because I want to learn)
-Going to friends house or coming to my house
-Maths(Still need more practice)
-Playing P.E
-Playing on computers(Or Laptop)
-Playing with the chains(Math Games)
-Playing with dogs or puppies
-Working on the Computer(Or Laptop)
And lots more...(Because there is too many!!!)

Now... I am going to tell you "The Things That I Don't Like."
Well, I don't have many because I have most things that I like more!~

-I hate peoples bugging me
-I hate my brother pinching me, hitting me, punching me, kicking me, shouting at me, snatching things from me, pushing me and teasing me!!!

And I think thats all...

Okay! Lets move on!

Now I am going to tell you "The Best Thing About Me!"
The Best Things about me is...

-Reading is my favourite activity in the whole entire world!!!
-I also LOVE Maths even if it is challenging I have to try my best!!!
-My Spelling may be amazing or fantastic, but I need more spelling practice but, thats the best thing I can do!!!
-Well I am fast at running, I can beat my brother but I am not saying "He Is Slow!" I bet once Michael in the Cross Country! I felt AMAZED!!! (But I was Puffed!)

I think thats all the things I can think of!

Okay, Moving on...

Now, now, now!
I am going to tell you the things I want to achieve in 2011!

I want to achieve...
-My maths strategies are too numb! I feel like I want to practice more to beat Michael and Sophie!!! Because I want REVENGE!!! (I also want to beat Eliza too!) REVENGE!!!
-I also want to achieve on my spelling too!
-Achieving games like Octopus, and games like that!

Thats All For Now Folks!!!


Anonymous said...

awesome story SunEui

claris said...

I love to know about you and talking about yourself. It is great writing and I was really enjoying to read.
As I said, you are good at writing too. I am so proud of you.

I wish you feel always happy and share your thoughts by keep writing things like here.

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