Feb 27, 2011

Interesting Soccer Introductions!

We went to a soccer skills session today and we are going to write a recount about our experience.  We have been learning about starting our recounts in an interesting way!

Here are some interesting ways we might start our recount:

  • Splish, splash as we walked down the wet path to the hall on a rainy day.
  • BAM! 5 balls got handed out and they went crazy!
  • "Hooray! Let's go to the hall to do some soccer skills" yelled the students.
  • Tap, tap, tap went our shoes against the soccer balls.
  • "Quickly, let's go to soccer skills" yelled Samiha.
  • Kick! went the soccer ball all over the place.
  • Ka blam! I just kicked a soccer ball and it went straight through the room.
  • Zooom! 5 soccer balls skimmed across the hall.
  • Bam! went our hands on the soccer ball.
  • Slip... my bottom went off the soccer ball.

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