Feb 15, 2011

Spectacular Sporty Sophie

Hello my name is Sophie my favourite colour  is  Aquamarine  like the colour of the sea. I like  black, white, blue, green, purple,orange, magenta,  gold and ruby. I love to do maths, netball, Science,  tv,  computer, playstation and art. I do not like Reading, writing,  spelling but the thing I really hate is when people boss me around and are annoying me . The best thing about me is that I can run fast and do math well. I want to improve my art and handwriting because in handwriting some times I make my letters  the wrong size. I would  like to show the Summerland values  like team, success, integrity, fun  and respect in my class room in my work my  school like helping people out . I want to be excellent at especially my home. I want to improve my reading  writing and spelling even thought  I do not like them that much I still want to improve.              

By Sophie


SunEui said...


You want to improve your reading?
But your already good at it!


judy.french said...

Glad to hear that you want to be excellent at home. I thought that you loved reading , you do so much of it. But knowing your competitive nature, maybe you just want to be first around the world.

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