Feb 15, 2011

Extraorinary Extreme Eliza

my name is Eliza, and there are lots of things you got to know about me.
I have 3 favourite colours they are Black,Purple and magenta. I LOVE explosions,reading, any kind of art,TV,computer,cooking,climbing,running,maths,riding scooters and going to school.
I don't like people punching me,hitting me,scratching me,kicking me,teasing me,pushing me,ignoring me,snatching from me,annoying me,being left out,getting yelled at and I really HATE "Buzz the cat" head butting me.The best thing about me is that I try to use the Summerland values every single day and I am really nice and help whenever I can. My goal for 2011 is to get up at least 1 stage in maths and to get better at my math strategies. I hope you enjoyed reading this.
By Eliza.

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