Mar 6, 2011

Logan's Jelly Cars

"Oh wow!" and "Amazing!" were just a few of the comments I heard today as Logan showed his fabulous Jelly Cars to Electric 8. As part of a Home Learning task Logan created Jelly Cars made from wafers, icing, smarties and Jelly Tots. He stood up and explained how he made them to the class before he gave one to the students to eat. Electric 8 were very impressed! Thanks Logan!


Mandy said...

What a fantastic job you did Logan on your Jelly cars, we saw how hard you worked and how dedicated you were to doing your project.

They came out beautifully and glad your class enjoyed them!

Well done my boy, we are so proud of you! Best of all you got Star of the day! Whoo hoo so exciting!

Keep up the good work love!

Lots of love Mom and Dad xxx

sophie said...

Logan they look really tasty and nice and I wish I could have one.They make me feel hungry. from Sophie

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