Mar 28, 2011

Michael's tag of war.

Step step step went our feet as we were walking to tag of war. To make it fair I will choose some teams ,12...21...12... done! Ok pick up the rope,1...2...3...pull,"Heave" I called out to my team,and surprisingly we pulled even harder but we lost. "OH" I sighed. Ok let's go again. 1...2...3...pull. I dug my feet into the ground like drills were on my feet try to get to the earths core, "Yeah we won" I screamed. Kieran and Tia were dancing in the background! In the third game team 2 fell down like guns are fired and we were all killed. Miss Signal yelled "2 lines" and we were walking back to class.

P.S I love tag of war


1 comment:

Linda Klenner said...

Well done, Michael. You paint a great picture of Room 8's Tug-of-War with your words!

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