Dec 4, 2011

Indiana jones its about time/by Logan

Indiana Jones its about time said Mutt Williams  Indi has just came out of the shower it's the next adventure your dad is waiting at the front door... knock knock.  "COMING!!! COMING!!!" said Indi walking down the stairs.  Indi opened the door "hi dad lets go!"  "Ok!"said Henry Jones they all jump into Henry's car. Indi drives to Oxley's house.  As soon as they park Oxley says "Henry Jones Junior, get in the car! We're late" shouted Indi.  "Late for what?" said Oxley. The next adventure begins!

They drive to the airport. From North America they fly to North Africa then Egypt.  It's already been three days they were really late.  They would have gotten on the plane yesterday but Marion (Mutt's mum) had died.  She died because Dr Spalko killed her.  They have now landed in Egypt and they see Dr Spalko, Mac and the Russians.  They all hold up guns pointed to Indi, Mutt, Oxley and Henry.  They start runing to the plane but it takes off... they're too late!  Dr Spalko says "you're too late!" and started shooting at Indi, Mutt, Oxley and Henry.   They dodge the bullets. "I'm glad my mum did not come on this trip, its too violent!" said Mutt.  "Sshhh" says Indi "stay calm and Dr Spalko will put her gun down!"

By then the next flight came.  They all rushed to the plane and jumped on board. Then from North Africa to Eqypt they fly back to America [North].  They jump in to Henry's car.  "You haven't talked since the flight" said Mutt.  Oxley nods, they park at Oxley's house and have tea. "This is good tea and it was a good adventure! said Indi.

                                                   THE END!!!!!  

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant story Logan! You could become the next "Steven Spielberg!" Love mom and dad xxx

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