Oct 5, 2011

PMI - Piha Healthy Eating Day

Today was Piha Pod day.  It was all about eating healthy and living a healthy life!  We learnt lots of amazing things today using the Habits of Mind

Miss Geaney helped us create healthy menus that were communicated in a clear way!
Miss Signal tested how we worked together and quizzed us on our healthy food knowledge!
Miss Plumridge taught us how to make healthy fruit kebabs all while managing our impulsivity!
Miss Rack challenged us to take responsible risks and try some new foods!

At the end of the day Electric 8 reflected on our day using a PMI chart to think about all the positives, negatives and interesting things.  As you can see below it was an amazing day!

Things we really liked about today!

Minus - Negatives
Things we didn't like

Things we learnt or found interesting!

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