Aug 5, 2011

Gamie's house.

Bang the car door shut zoom we went. Finaly we got to gamies house.Ok first of all who is gamie? just jokes she is my friend. Do you want to know how me met? I think you do. First she was new at dancing did i mention I do dancing? oh yes i did. My dance teacher melssia said who wants to be with gamie.My group put our hands up first. Melssia said go with Tia's group. Also we had macdonlds together. I asked gamie if we can go play with the ball? she said yes. So we went out side. We were actually playing netball.Then gamies mum said what do you want for lunch we all agreed on pancakes.After lunch we walked down to the mall. We boght ice cream. We went home because I had to go home I said bye to gamie and her mum. Zoom! we went home.
by Tia

1 comment:

Alfred said...

good job Tia you one mistake but its ok.

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