Jun 14, 2011


Well, it all started when I saw a tiny head looking in my room. I ran out to see what it was. “A bird in the house!!!” I screamed. Mum and my sister came running. We started chasing it around the house. First it went in my room and behind the bean bag , then into the wires of the computer, then behind the TV. We finally caught it. It was so cute that wanted to keep it but I know that keeping birds in a cage is cruel to the bird. So we took a photo of us holding the bird. Then we let it go. I felt so proud of myself for making the right choice and letting it go.

By Kieran.

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Miss Signal said...

Sounds like it was an exciting day in your house! I think you did the right thing but putting the bird back out to the wild. Well done! I wonder what kind of bird do you think it was?
Miss Signal

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